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About Us

About the Church


It was in 1894 that the Reverend A. S. Johnson of Galilee Baptist Church, then located on Williamson Street, dispatched into the Allendale community six determined and dedicated members of his congregation: Brother and Sister Joe Payton, Brother and Sister George Ross, Sister Beulah Thomas, and Sister Rosanna Washington. Their mission was to set up a house of worship, making us the legal daughter of Galilee, now located at 1500 Pierre Avenue. Like the early New Testament worshippers, this founding congregation met at various homes before acquiring property at 1646 Alston Street at a cost of $100.00. Though not a Christian, Brother Fred Thomas, husband of Sister Beulah Thomas, provided the down payment. The belief is that prayerful deliberation and divine guidance led to the selection of Mount Canaan as the name of the new Church, as it was perhaps reminiscent of the Abrahamic covenant and the fulfillment of yet another of God’s promises.

From this fertile heritage, many attainments have been fomented under the leadership of 15 pastors. For instance, the first pastor, the Reverend Robert Robinson, was responsible for erecting the first sanctuary. The first deacon was Brother George Ross (one of the founders and organizers). History does not reflect dates or accomplishments associated with the next three pastors: The Reverend Jim Woods, the Reverend Paul Bendaw, and the Reverend Clarence Haughton, respectively. Nevertheless, they served a combined total of 13 years.

The one-year tenure of the fifth pastor (1907 – 1908), the Reverend Ebenezer B. Thomas, was marked by the rebuilding of the Church, which was demolished by a storm. Pastor Thomas was assisted by a family member also surnamed Thomas and also a minister. He was a member of Mount Canaan.

The record is silent regarding the sixth and the seventh pastors: The Reverend J. Johns and the Reverend Jake Morgan. Yet it does show that the eighth pastor, the Reverend W.M. Dickerson, served 9 years and ordained five deacons: Brothers Andrew Evans, Alvin Gilmore, Sidney Johnson, Frank Merchant, and Mack Thomas. The ninth pastor, the Reverend S.M. Gooden, was elected in 1924 and served 11 years. Under his leadership the Church was remodeled and he ordained as deacons Brothers John D. Beasley and Enock Mahaffey. Also under Pastor Gooden’s leadership, the first usher board was organized.

The tenth pastor, the Reverend O.P. Smith, was elected in 1934 and served nine years. He guided the Church through further remodeling, adding a right wing, choir stand, and refurbishing the chancel. The lot to the left was bought and all debts paid in full. The pastoral days were second and fourth Sundays. The membership increased remarkably. The Reverend Smith ordained seven deacons: Brothers Jesse Agurs, Willie Sanders Brown, Turner Green, Shelly Jefferson, Jimmy Lands, Howard Watts, and Samuel Williams. The eleventh pastor, the Reverend Joe Toussaint, was elected in 1943. He served for one year and was called to his reward.

The Reverend Anderson Samuel Jackson was the twelfth pastor, and his tenure extended over a 13-year period. During this time, the church was incorporated and numerous improvements came to fruition. The church progressed greatly and became full-time and nationally known because of its radio broadcasts and the Reverend Jackson’s ability as a messenger. Other enhancements included bricking the exterior structure and re-opening the Day Care Center. A larger chancel area was added along with a left wing and basement. The basement included a front entrance, a kindergarten, a dining room and kitchen. An organ was purchased and a full-time music staff occupied the music department. The membership increased in 1952 to 722. In 1958, he organized a Boy and Girl Scout Troop. New pulpit furniture was purchased and the baptistery was finished. Pastor Jackson ordained five ministers: The Reverends James Babers, Fred W. Bailey, Thomas Brown, Rance D. Moore, and Henry Renty. Further, he ordained 13 deacons: Brothers Alex Bowman, Nelson Demery, Sr., T.S. Johnson, Alex Lawson, Albert Martin, Jack Martin, Robert Moore, Joseph Otis, Alex Richardson, Edinburg Smith, Elijah Thomas, John Thomas, and Johnson Walker, Sr.

In 1958, Pastor Jackson resigned and organized Lakeside Baptist Church, making it the legal daughter of Mount Canaan. Lakeside is located at 722 Grand Avenue.

Reverend Elroy Day was elected the thirteenth pastor on July 6, 1958. During his three years of service, still other enhancements occurred: reorganization of the Youth Department, total renovation of the interior facilities, installation of a new public address system, resumption of the radio ministry, as well as purchase of offering tables and a communion table and accessories. Also, steps and a patio fronting on Alston Street were added, the labor given free of charge by Deacon Edinburg Smith. Then the Reverend Day resigned.

The fourteenth pastor chosen was the Reverend J.D. Jackson, brother of the Reverend A.S. Jackson. Elected in November of 1961, he never served – opting instead to recommend the Reverend C. Cedric Claiborne, who became the fifteenth pastor elected but the fourteenth to accept the pastorate on March 23, 1962. Under his leadership, a parsonage was purchased on Logan, a “Youth For Christ Hour” was implemented, and the kindergarten re-opened, the Alston Street alley was opened for access to the parking area. A new sidewalk to the left of the church and the front of the church was paved and three exit lights were installed.  Two additional parking lots were developed. Further still, Pastor Claiborne initiated a fundraising plan for a new building. In three years’ time, the capital improvement fund had reached $16,000.00. Pastor Claiborne subsequently resigned.

The sixteenth and present pastor is the Reverend Harry Blake, elected August 4, 1966. He accepted the pastorate and delivered his initial pastoral sermon on the first Sunday in November of 1966. Pastor Blake’s leadership has given impetus to phenomenal growth and accomplishments.

In 1976 a new edifice was erected and the Family Life center was completed in 1995.  Mount Canaan is an imposing edifice occupying the greater portion of the 1600 block of Alston Street. The church is affiliated with the Thirteenth District Baptist Association, the Louisiana Missionary Baptist State Convention, and the National Baptist Convention; U.S.A. Pastor Blake has served as Moderator the Thirteenth District Baptist Association and as President of the Louisiana Missionary Baptist State Convention.   He currently serves as the Vice President of the Southwest Region for the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.  The membership is a culturally diverse body of more than 2,000 brothers and sisters in Christ.

What We Believe


We Believe:

In the Triune God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. (Deuteronomy 6:4; I John 5:7; Matthew 3:13-17)

Jesus is the true God and true Man. (Matthew 16:13-16; John 1:1,14)

The Holy Spirit is a Divine Person. (John 14:16,26)

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God. (2 Timothy 3:16)

All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God and are in need of salvation. (Romans 3:23, 5:12)

Salvation has been provided through Jesus for all men. (Romans 6:23, John 3:16, Romans 10:9-10)

It is the will of God that every Believer be filled with the Holy Spirit. (John 7:37 - 39)

Healing is provided in the redemptive work of Christ and is available to every Believer. (Isaiah 53:4,5; I Peter 2:24)

The church consists of all those who have received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. (Acts 2:47)

There shall be a bodily resurrection of the just and the unjust. (I Corinthians 15:51-53; Acts 24:15)

In the personal, visible, imminent return of Jesus Christ. (Titus 2:13;I Thessalonians 1:10)

In water baptism and observation of the Lord's Supper. (I Corinthians 11:27-32; Matthew 3:16, 28:18-19; Romans 6:4)

Our Vision

Our Mission

The Mission of the Mount Canaan Baptist Church is to glorify the Lord through Worship, Biblical Instruction, Fellowship and to Evangelize the lost.

Our Core Values

The Church is the Bride of Christ and our Core Values are spelled out in the Acronym
WIFE = Affirmation of Our Faith
W = Worship
I = Instruction
F = Fellowship
E = Evangelism

Our Theme

A Church Reconciling itself to Christ through Repentance, Redemption, Reconciliation, and Renewal.
Acts 2:38, Romans 3:24, 5:10, 12:2

Our Leadership


Pastor Harry Blake is a graduate of Bishop College, Dallas, Texas.

Pastor Blake has served as pastor of the Mount Canaan Baptist Church of Shreveport, LA since 1966.  He is President Emeritus of the Louisiana Baptist State Convention and was appointed Vice President for the Southwest Region of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. in 2009.

He received the Honorary Doctorate of Humanities from the Louisiana Baptist University and The Louisiana Democratic Party’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010.

He has served as General Secretary of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc., Moderator of the Thirteenth District Baptist Association, Dean and Vice President at Large of the Congress of Christian Education of the Louisiana Baptist State Convention, as well as having served as Chairman of the Evangelical Board of the Louisiana Baptist State Convention.

His civic involvements include member of the Louisiana Recovery Authority Board; President, Board of Directors, Canaan Village Apartments, a low income housing complex; President, Board of Directors, Canaan Towers, a Senior Citizen/handicap housing complex; and Grace Project Incorporated, a community development corporation for the revitalization of the Allendale Community.  He is also the President of Project UpLift, a center for the development of human potential.  He serves on the board of directors for Shreveport Bossier Community Renewal.  He is past president of NAACP, served as field secretary for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., past President, Mount Canaan Day Care Center, Past OIC Director, and past Director, Excel PUSH Auxiliary and served on the Louisiana Recovery Authority Board.

Pastor Blake has been guest lecturer at Morehouse School of Divinity, Arkansas Baptist College, Leland College, Wiley College, Bishop College, L. K. Williams Ministers Institute, American Baptist College, Birmingham Bible College, United Theological Seminary and Union Theological Seminary

Pastor Blake has led the Mount Canaan Baptist Church family into establishing a Model Prayer Service that has been emulated throughout the nation.  He has instituted ministries to serve all segments of the congregation and community.  Those ministries include: tutoring programs, children’s ministries, young adults’ ministry, family ministry, and a prison ministry.

Pastor Blake is married to the former Norma Jean Jernigan.  He is the father of four: (Elizabeth Guidry, Harry II, Rodney, and Monica Mickle) and the grandfather of sixteen.


Mrs. Norma Jean Jernigan Blake was born to Mr. Claude and Mrs. Nancy Jernigan, January 22, 1938.  She is eldest of 4 children.

She recently retired from Avaya Communication where she was employed for more than 34 years.  She is the wife of Reverend Harry Blake, Pastor of the Mount Canaan Baptist Church the mother of four children and the grandmother of sixteen grandchildren.

She has been very active in the ministries of Mount Canaan Baptist Church including the sanctuary choir, teaching a Sunday school class, Nurses Guild and is always willing to help where she can.  Mrs. Blake is a Christian mother and wife as well as a very gifted speaker who has spoken for numerous churches throughout Shreveport and the surrounding area.

Church Staff

Church Staff
Name Position Name Position
Harry Blake Pastor Armeal George Church Administrator
Monica Blake Mickle Pastor's Administrative Assistant Eve Goins Church Clerk
Sure Browder Technology Secretary Donald Hughes Financial Secretary
James Murray Treasurer F. Wayne Dangerfield Custodian
Ramona McCain Assistant Custodian Jerry Maden Pianist
Kionte' Mims Organist Jerry Maden Director Male Chorus
Sebastian Powell Percussionist Janice Jackson Culinary Ministry
Harry Blake II Logistics Coordinator
Deacon's Ministry
Billy Casey
Robert Silvie
Lynn Simmons
Assistant Secretary
H. Glenn Robinson
Vice – Chairman
James Murray
Jeffrey Freeman
Travis Bogan Donnell Clarkson Andrew Wilson Michael Hicks
Bobby Andrews Jerry Fields Joseph W. Walker, Jr. Brandon Brown
Henry George Johnny Green Paul Stephens William Buffin
Donald Hughes Robert Ferguson Joseph Myers Derrick Gatson
Lonnie Rascoe John Woodard Williarm Bradford Mickey Gremillion
Roy Thomas Isaac Tolliver Armeal George Darrell Hampton
Raymond Hill Darrell Walters Lindsay Bonner Mortimer Harris
Kevin Johnson Frankie Monroe Carlos Tate David Williams
Calvin Lester Johnathan Richardson Derrick Washington Richard Hilliard
Frank McConnell William Small Kalan Washington
Purvis Milner Steffon Smith Chris Wilder
Benevolent Committee
John Woodard
Eleanor M. Bell William Bradford Isaac Brass
Margie Bryant Derrick Gatson Constance Green Richard Hawkins
Almeater Lucas Frank McConnell H. Glenn Robinson Issac Tolliver
Robert Ferguson Jerry Fields Jeffrey Freeman Armeal George
David Williams
Finance Committee
Lonnie Rascoe
Karen Bell Travis Bogan Erma Flournoy
Armeal George Johnny Green Garland Goins Donald Hughes
Herbert Murphy James Murray Patrick Pratt Wilford Steffon Smith
Karl Travers Darrell Walters Reginald Wright
Personnel Committee
Gloria Dean Finister
Maxine Davie Armeal George Oscar Hamilton
Raymond Hill Lola Hughes James Murray Doris Weathers
Harry Blake II
Policy & Procedures Committee
Robert Ferguson
Richard Hawkins Susie Murphy Dorothy Jackson
Burnadine Anderson
Security Committee
Billy Casey
Isaac Brass Sylvia Burton Armeal George
Richard Hawkins Donald Hughes James Murray Patrick Pratt
Andre’ Wilson Eunice Roberson Catherine Coleman